They say love is affection,
They say love is passion.
It tickles ur heart,
It revives ur spirit.
They say love is a wonderful gift,
They say love is a blessing.

Then why do our hearts keep breaking,
All in the name of love?
its so decieving
Like the forbidden fruit
In the garden of Eden.

Why does it hurt?
Why does it rips our heart apart?
Why do we cry ourselves to sleep at night,
Searching for so called ‘ true love’
That never existed.
It makes me wonder,
Is it a friend or an enemy of mankind?

It’s so decieving,
It’s so confusing
It brings people closer together,
Yet it separates them forever.
What’s Love’s true intention?

Has it come to build,
Or has it come with a motive to create rift?
It heals hearts and souls,
Yet it’s wounds are deep and everlasting.
I guess we’ll never know,
Loves true meaning.
*What is Love?*_