I want to reach out to you every night

I get sick when I remember all the vows you made on that chapel

I feel like I lost my senses and sometimes I can’t feel my body

Did you have to take my strength after you stabbed my soul to perish

I was a child for christ sake ,fresh out of high school

The were days when I wanted you to wake me up and tell me it was a nightmare

I was warned but I chose to follow the heart and I forgot the brain

After battling with insecurities you just sent me to that cave again

I want you to see that am done for the is nothing left to give someone

i would be lying if i said i hate you i just feel numb ..

I am glad suicidal thoughts have not yet crawled to me ..

DID you have to take everything away..

maybe you should have thought everything through before vowing to me ..

I am psycho and sometimes I wish i had the strength to kill you but here i am still reminiscing about the past