We are a breed said to be rocks,
And from life we have taken all sorts of knocks,
Our ladders are what other people consider as stumbling blocks,
We have the keys to open all kinds of locks.

Hey soul sister!
Who said you are unfit to be a minister?
You have endured all things sinister,
Inflicted on you by the one you referred to as “Mister “.

Now it’s time to turn the tide,
For a while you’ve chosen to hide,
Behind your counterpart so that for you he can provide,
Now it’s time to reawaken your pride.

Now sister it’s time to look around,
There is a younger version of you too proud,
To realize that sometimes you need to cry out loud,
So that under which ever rubble you can be found.

You had a helping hand,
Even though some experiences were bad,
On the land where you now stand,
Consider yourself a valuable brand.