We are a sad generation

With happy faces,

We cry,

We fight,

We bleed,

We sweat for everything we want,

We lose people we love everyday,

We lose things we love,

We lose ourselves in search of success,

Yet we smile.

Our families has turned into our enemies,

People who are bound to love and protect us

Are nowhere to be found,

Even life too keeps on knocking us down

We try but we fail,

We’re now even failing to try,

We eat on the dustbins,

The sewage pipes has turned to be our homes,

We have even crossed the horizons searching

For love and laughter but nothing seems to


But still we smile.

Happiness and us are incompatible,

Yet we smile,

We smile with teary eyes

We smile with cracked cheeks,

Not to mention our dry lips,

People are calling us names

Because of our tattered and torn clothes,

Because of our cracked legs and feet,

Our parents are carrying soil with their chests

They are sleeping there helplessly,

But still we smile.

Our parents abandoned us before we even

Opened our eyes,

They are nowhere to be found,

They don’t care about us,

We know nothing about our parent’s love,

We know nothing about a comfortable home,

We know nothing about family,

We know nothing about siblings,

Nobody licks our wounds,

We are on our own through

Thick and thin,

Really we are a sad generation,

A sad generation with happy faces.