In this game of life and love
I promise to be your smile when you’re sullen
I can’t promise you the world, the sky and moon
Take this beautiful adventure journey with me
I will provide for you without thinking twice about the sacrifice therewith
Start from today I give myself to you
You have shown me a new world I never knew existed
In poverty I promise to do everything to make our love more rich and profusion
You are sensitive person I have ever known
Together we are better than we could ever hope to
Marriage is a journey
I’ll choose you no matter how it hurts!
In the world of choice I choose you
We conquered hurdles in our relationship
In this game of life and love
Some only realise how much precious it was
This beautiful day I accept this magnificent and remarkable woman as an inseparable part of love and golden treasure. `

We both approach this beautiful new enthusiasm of our lives with intensity
I’m not sure about a life is a long enough to return
Love cannot be travelled to owned and consumed
Our strength will come from clinch difference immediately and intelligible.