When, or if we do meet.
I am going to be positive:
It will be two weeks from now on a Sunday afternoon.
13:45 to be exact.
I will give you my hand, but keep my eyes fixated to your eyes.
I want to see if I give you the same vibe that you give me.
These are my unspoken words . . .

I want to take my time to know you.
Creating each moment as a good bookmark in my life.
A bookmark that I can always go back to when I need some cheering up.
These are my unspoken words. . .

I want to write you a note each time you cross my mind.
Keep them all somewhere safe.
Until I have the courage to share parts of me that I keep hidden.
Parts that you slowly awaken
And I am so grateful.
These are my unspoken words . . .

I want to see your face when you read them.
Will it light up?
Will it remain frozen in disbelief and shock?
Will your eyes pierce mine with the answers that I seek?
In any way, I just want to be there and bookmark it.
These are my unspoken words. . .