It beats out of control in my heart

I will wipe away this bad fire it’s art

It is burning my body

Nothing is holy.


What is this bacteria that has grown

Inside infecting all my organs

No frowns this time, only crowns


Has a scarecrow purified itself

There is darkness inside

Where do these extended hands come from

They keep ripping every emotion


I took it back to the past

Everything playing slow motion

Did you ever smile? I wonder

You didn’t. I remember clearly now

You didn’t.


Did I need to be stuck in the past to realize that you didn’t

It could have came as a reward if I did.

Now I’m stuck in the future

For I think only happiness for you

I hope she awaited you,

Like I did.


Could this be my destiny?

Without you?

My heart says “I will let him be happy”

Then my mind says “There’s still a chance.”

It is all because I’m not in my sane sanity.


She won you.

She won you!

Now is not the time to vent my anger.

I don’t even know if it was your eyes that touched me

Or your lips

Or your ambition

Or your humor

Or your personality


I wanted to tell you Touché