Life is unpredictable the things

we exhaust ourselves for

the things we keep chasing ,the things we sweat for

Only to find out it wasn’t worth fighting for

Only to detect it’s repercussions

Nothing such as perpetual really exist

It all came to an end like ,all hope lost like annihilated

dreams ,goal and unfulfilled desires

Career choices ,wedding,marriage ,relationships

Not all that glitters is gold “some of aspects remains a dream”

stagnation hindering progress ,lack of money

While having a degree ,diploma and matric

People with no qualifications making it in life

Poverty calling out more poverty

And wealth calling out more wealth

Is this how real world is like?

Prayers working just for a moment

While charms are working for a life time

Is this how the world should be?

Women killing children and aborting

While others are barren and other who

Love children are losing their children unnecessary

What kind of world is this ?

where the poor remains the poor

the begger continues to beg their entire life

Nomatter how hard they work and hustle their struggles just became a mockery and labour loss

Author :Ragalavhanda Fhumulani