That’s what I have

Because of two people.

I was an innocent little girl,

Then they happened.

Insulting me,

Calling me names such as stupid,

Saying they wished they killed me when they had a chance,

Making me feel small

Always comparing me with ”better” kids.

These are some reasons

Of why,

I now have depression.

Depression ain’t easy to live with

And they made it worse.

Lying to me, saying that they love me,

Sweet talking me,

But at the end for, them to make me depressed.

Those are my parents for you,

Look like perfect parents but depresses their daughter.

Day by day, it gets worse,

More insults, more crying

Because of them.

I almost gave my life away.

Two people who won’t even care.

I carry on

With life,

Putting out fake smiles

Just to make sure

That nobody knows

What happens within these four walls.

Father realised he’s a mistake

But being punished for a crime he did not commit.

This gives her the perfect opportunity

For her to torture me.

When she’s mad

I’m the punching bag,

No mistake, but still insulted.

Win a trophy

But she doesn’t even care.

Can you imagine,

Her phone rings, but her angel only calls out for her

Her phone rings, but I ran barefoot on the rocky soil and got humiliated.

She says she can feel my pain,

She’s only happy when I’m happy.


Because I’m never happy,

But she’s over the moon.

Countless nights of sleep crying,

People don’t see I’m depressed

Because they don’t want to believe that I’m being tortured.

She fulfilled all but one responsibility.

She denied me one right,

She failed to give me the love of a mother.