Does it really have to be like this?
I know it’s my fault,but do i
Really deserve this?
I don’t know how to describe the feeling
But trust me it’s not one of the good one’s

So it starts by lacking time
And comes with loosing interest,
Less attention, less communication
And of course avoiding is part of it

How many times do i have to text you
So you can respond in time
Im not an attention seeker but
I’ll much appreciate it
If you were to give me a little bit of your time

I’m not saying put everything down nor am i saying be interested
But if you avoiding me atleast tell me

I don’t wanna seem like im forcing things
Even though you won’t use your mouth to
Utter those words but don’t
Worry your actions speak for you

All that’s left to do is to make it official
And face things not all of us can visualise a persons actions.