To the bride without the groom.

The woman that’s never chosen. The bridesmaid that is never the bride.

To she who knows no fairytale.

I know you’re drumming your fingers wondering if there’s someone out there who deems it unworthy to be without you.

As you hum in the waiting, your eyes running across the room wondering when or if it will ever happen.

Trying to hold back the tears as you recount in seconds the time you’ve wasted, waiting.

Rejection thrusting at your heart as you sit in the ache of unrequited love.

Your heart filled with regret at the face of yet another unhappy ending.

I hope your narrative changes. I pray that you see yourself beyond what feels like rejection. I pray that you too will be sought after. That you will not have to perform your worth. I hope that your nights will not be clouded with doubts and plans to get someone to see your value. I pray that you will not love too much or too hard. I pray that you rise above anxiety, ambiguity and mixed signals.

I pray that your tears dry on their own and that your glossy eyes will recognize love when it comes.

More especially, I hope that you will unreservedly open your heart to being loved without having to audition for it.

For your sake, I can only pray.