They say beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder
I might not hold anything that belongs to you
But I can for sure Capture your heart
Capture your hear and Co-own it

I can give you love at its Best
Affection on your worst day
A shoulder to cry on when you’re sad
I can be your voice when you’re voiceless
And render silence when you’re trying to reach out

I know true love is Rare
But you and I both can Make it easy for us to find
But a mission for a few to accomplish

Baby let’s make love less complicated
You don’t need to do anything to impress me
I mean I love you effortlessly
I love you when you’ve not even lifted a finger
I adore you with that innocent look in your eyes
Your scent is the best perfume no store can sell

I love everything about you
You need to relax!!
I’ve got you
You’re mine now ,no one else can have you
Okayy, perhaps they can try
And if they succeed atleast
I’ll have memories to cherish

You re the cause of this love disease
But you can also cure it
You complicate and resolve me easily
You’re like a chemical mixed at the lab
You have power to explode and everything
And also the power to fix this mess other people created

You’re my sunshine
My moonlight
You’re the lamp I need every time I feel unsafe
You’re the comforter of my misery
The magician when I need miracles
It might not last forever (us)