I have always been and still am a super fan,

I love how your small heaven feels!

It always makes and leaves me helpless,

I am speechless and ideal when I am in such a situation.

When it comes to decision-making, it puts me in an awkward yet lovely position.

It evokes, arouses and awakens ALL the butterflies –

Like giant waves and sweet senses and sensations.

NEVER have I had the courage and guts to shoot my shot,

All this has caused me to have so much hesitation.

ALL the fascination and formulation created by infatuation

Never keep the mind from the process of hallucination.

All of the feelings and emotions creates a particular plantation of feelings

Towards that special “someone”.

I think it is essential to allow yourself

To go through ALL the phases of infatuation before making a selection.

Be careful not to get too carried away nor lose yourself

In the thrill of everything, always remember to make a proper concrete evaluation.

Keep hoping for the best because everything in life probably requires proper preparation.

Is my writing based on FICTION or NONFICTION?

Or should I consider embarking on a journey called…

Meditation and visualisation to dictate if writing is my calling.