I’m running away from myself,

Like a mad girl chasing nothing.

I’m ignoring endless calls from my heart,

Calls for emotional meds.

My heart is stuck in a small cage,

Stuffed with emotions like pregnant clouds.

Blood in my heart fermented into tears,

Tears write the story of my life.

The one I’m running away from.

I tried to run away from fate,

But forgot that I didn’t write it.

I’m running but to where exactly,

Countless agonies in black and white,

Are ready to tear my heart.

And not around a first aid kit to ease my pain,

It’s said wounds of the heart take time to heal.

Which doctor would be even patient enough?

I’m tired of running around in circles,

Feeling so helpless, like a broken-winged bird.

I neither have the strength to run

nor to face reality.

I ran so fast time wouldn’t compete,

Crossed the darkest forest, highest mountain, and deepest ocean.

Believing that I was bringing summer into my life,

But I was bringing autumn, the evilest season of all.

I’m running but stuck in one place,

Arrangement of words in the best order my heart sings.

It could be the best lyrics in a sad tune,

Darkness, shadows, my everything moves.

Happiness plays hide and seek.

I wish I could ferment my heart into the air but that would bring


Every day I look at the moon, stars, and sun and this question

envelops my mind.

Don’t they get tired of being supportive despite being ignored?

I feel like a disappointment, as good as nothing.

I may be tired of running away but giving up is not in my blood.

It may not be today or tomorrow, but one day, this race shall be

a memory in a black hole.

And that day is not immeasurable miles away but rather just,

around the corner