You hide behind this facade. You hide your Sweet words and kind actions. Yet your ask for more than what you offer. You offer me silver yet take gold.

You hide behind a mask, taking my love, you shelter your heart while taking mine. Yet you break my heart, you take my energy and love, yet you give none.

The love I offer, love I give you on a gold-crusted platter, yet you take it. You take the gold platter and melt it to form a cage. A cage where you store my heart, and put it upon a shelf, to watch.

Am I yet another achievement that you store upon your shelf next to your Trophies? Pain as I watch you from above with love as you walk past me day by day.

Pain in my heart as you smile and laugh, pain in my eyes as I see you happy with another. Pain in my arms that i may never hold your hand, and pain in my legs that I may never walk through life with you.

Words I shall never say to you governs my heart as I close my mouth. Words retract as they slowly cut the inner of my Throat.

Close yet far, pain yet love, hope yet brokenness. Heart slowly breaks yet heals.