I am thinking of you,

And I hope you are remembering me too.

I have let much walk away,

In my false taste of tomorrow failed today.

I wonder if you will remember me.

Remember my small successes that could have grown 

with a bit of watering.

I suppose I should have cried some more.

I am thinking of you and my eyes start to sparkle.

My heart begins to believe and my spirit burns even 

the throats that dare peek.

You are my one true love, 

my reason for existence and if you’re not then why should I be?

Just promise that you will remember me.

Remember my pain.

Remember my mistakes and misfortunes.

Remember my smile that has lifted many.

Remember my appetite for life.

Remember my lonely walk of life.

Remember my tears and all the cracks in my heart.

Remember my moments of peace and joy.

Remember my real friends and the bonds I have shared.

Remember the skin I wear and the ones I have shed.

I am thinking of you and I hope you remember.

I am dreaming of you and getting regular visits in my head.

I love you with all of my heart, cracked and holed as it is.

I hope I have made my mark in your life.

I hope you remember how I used to scoop every mark.

Remember the rain on my skin as I stood with a teary face.

Remember my fears and don’t be jealous of my admirers 

because I will always love you.

When you finally inhale your breathe.

Remember how much I love you; 

although your birth will give me a very long nap I will love you still.

So I cannot wait to die so you can live.