Halala all you wordsmiths! FunDza is so proud of our Fanz writers! We are delighted to showcase this poem by one of our talented young writers to celebrate this wonderful avenue for self-expression. Good poetry can be a great mental and emotional pick-me-up. Read and enjoy… Poetry is to words what song is to sound………
They have forgotten about me
They are acting so strangely towards me
They are going on with their lives like nothing has happened
They are fine without me
They don’t need or love me anymore
They are ignoring me like they never knew me
It’s like I was never a part of their lives
Yeah now that they are living their best lives
The soft life
They have pushed me aside
Me! A whole me!
Me who was always there for them when they needed me!
Me who always provided for them
Me who used to buy everything for them without expecting something back
And without bragging or complaining!
Now that I have nothing they are treating me like trash!
My so called friends has forgotten about me
But it’s fine
I pray for them to keep on living their best lives without me
I’ll rise again
Uhm look at my come back
It’s going to be greater than my fall
Oh my it’s going to be better
This time I’m going to look out for those who have been by my side when I had nothing
I’m going to stick with those who stood by my side when I was down and out
Those who looked out for me
Those who cried with me
Those who gave me everything I needed
Those who were there for me in my darkest hours
Those who have opened their doors for me when I had no where else to go
Those who gave me something to eat when I was hungry
Those who have given me something to drink when I was thirsty
They have shown me what true friendship looks like
Friends are supposed to stand together through thick and thin!