You tell me I can’t be a
World changer because 
I’m young
You tell me I don’t understand the hardships 
You went through back in
The days because I’m young 
But yet again every little 
Mistake I make you 
Criticise me for it and tell
Me that my future is in
My hands
How can I be so foolish
I’m old enough to 
Establish the difference 
Between wrong and right
But I’m not old enough 
To stop living the way 
You want me to ?
I’m not old enough to 
Take the world into a better
You spend your last energy 
Analysing my moves 
Trying to figure out what 
I may do next
So that you can bring me down before I actually 
Attempt it
You think you’ve got me
All figured out but you
Seem to forget that I may
Be born free but I still carry 
The tears and blood that was shed to get me and my
Fellow mates where we are
And then again you call us
BORN FREES because we
Don’t have to fight to go to
Better schools
To get better jobs
But you don’t realise do you
That we still share the same
Yes we go to these fancy schools 
Yes we do land these great jobs but have you ever 
Thought to sit down and
Try to understand how we did it or do it
Do you not see us out there fighting for schools to be
Do you not see us out there
Fighting to get the jobs we want and need through the means of our hardwork not how we look or dress
You think you wise because 
You were living in tough
Times and had to fight for every little thing we have now
You think you wise because 
All WE do is just let our future slip away like that
But have you ever had the decency to think why we do it?
Why we think isolation is now better than being in
Why we turn to quick fixes? 
Nah I don’t think you get it
Why? Because we BORN FREES right 
Because you think you’re Wise
Because all we know is partying