The song remains the same.

The melody changes.

The trumpets are blowing,

But life keeps flowing.

Pains keeps going.

The wounds keeps growing.

The shadows keep showing.

Light dims, but they all sing

Smiling while they are sad.

Life is a canvas.

A pain that keeps playing.

This has become a devil’s circus.

Curses remain.

Crying through the rain.

Tears dripping into dams.

Damsels filled with shame.

Thrown rocks at them.

Because of hate


Why are doing this?

Are we doing this to belong?

Or to be strong?

But we wrong.

There has to be more.

I think we do it for fame.

But the game is not worth the play.

I know they said,

“Life is a game of chess.”

I don’t know any of these pieces,

Scattered on the board.

Just like my heart turned to shards.

Love is red, red is blood dripping.

But time is ticking.

You have to keep thinking.

How can I make a living?

I am not wining.

In this game of life of chess.

I already lost my Queen.

I am too emotional.

Heartbreak and situations,

Have led me into a panic and insecure state.

That eventually turned to hate.

Yes, in this game of chess.

I am a pawn.

They used me and threw me.

But I will reach the other side and become a king.

But who am I kidding?

The song remains the same.

I feel like we are all dreaming.

About visions and futures.

Intoxicated by desire,

Sobered by reality.

Like a racist cop on black man tail.

We chase love.

We chase money.

We chase fame.

We chase recognition.

But when we find it we kill it!

Humanity is already lost.

Heart and soul gone.

Let’s just go to God and pay the cost.