Yes, I can smile
‘Cause I know that’s were
My beauty is.
Then you’ll think I’m happy
And all that.

Yes, I can smile
And give you the warmest
Smile ever.
Make you feel loved,
Appreciated and cared for.

But then,
What do you really know
About this cute smile?
Is it really expressing the emotions
You think it feels?

Behind my smile
I carry a lot of feelings,
Behind it, is where
My true story lies
That you don’t know of.

Maybe I was crying,
But I smile with my tearful eyes.
Maybe I am feeling saddened,
But I smile with my broken heart.
Then you’ll think I smile ‘cause I want to.

The sorrow and the pain
I go through,
The anger and the madness
I experience,
I hide them behind this smile.

You’ll never see me frowning,
Nor expressing my deepest
And most sensitive emotions,
‘Cause my smile
Covers the whole of inner me.

But then, it is alright.
I will keep on smiling,
Dark or blue.
But just know that this smile
Never tells the real truth.