She perambulated slowly,

at a leisurely pace.

Without hurry nor effort,

one foot on the floor at a time.

The exquisite and expensive hall

fell silent as she entered.

Beauty was her first name,

dressed up like a princess,

yet she was not a princess nor a queen.

A well dressed suitor asked her for a dance,

the music commenced.

Off they went to the hardwood dance floor,

all alone, watched by hundreds of eyes.

They danced smoothly,

travelling around the line of dance

as if they were on a time traveller.

Moving their shoulders smoothly,

the suitor gazing at her eyes,

which were like an ocean of wonders,

where he started wondering in her dreams.

Without a word,

she fell and raised in the suitor’s arms.

Delighted as she was,

the music stopped.

The crowd cheered for them.

She was then crowned the prom queen.