Many say there is no resolution,

To the mental and emotional chaos that’s causes inner pollution,

Never be fooled by such a delusion,

There is always a solution,

To everything that brings about confusion.

There are many ways to shatter the illusion,

A classic way is meditation,

It holds the power to build a new nation,

We need a new legislation,

But we must first build a new congregation,

This is a mission destined for the population.

No, it’s not about manipulation,

It’s just time for a new manifestation,

We’ve had enough of this devastation,

We sick and tired of the endless frustration,

Making things worse is the endless starvation,

Forget about the next political nomination,

We ought to look to our own dedication,

If the oppression is to meet its elimination.

The truth always demands verification,

And our worst enemy is procrastination,

Let us rise,

And show the world we are wise,

Many will despise,

And we must never compromise.

Arise now! A kingdom! Where you will find only champions, winners and legends.

We demand that the era of being average, ceases to exist! Its time is up!