Many years have gone by,
On my knees praying for love
I’ve seen how beautiful it could be
But I never knew lust

Many have come into my life
Claimed they loved
Very few have stayed
Those few really love

Using it in the past tense
I say it was lust
The love I know of
Cannot be in the past

It is such a beautiful thing
But with all on earth
Too much is bad
Including too much of love

At the hands of love,none are beaten
At the hands of love,none are hurt
For those who excuse being beaten as love,
Have became the slaves of love

It is something you shouldn’t work for
It comes naturally
It comes once and stays forever
It is immortal

It endures forever
Through best and worst
It knows no barriers
Even evil feels love

No love,no heart
No heart,no life
None have been perfected in love.
But it is the imperfect that deserves love