The light of a blue sky
Is the light that guides me
That allows me to walk and pass
Through fogs and darkness.

The light of a blue sky
It shines for me
Not just for me!
But for people around me.

Light of a blue sky!!!
You are warm
Filled with the brightness
That no one has never seen or ever been.

Nothing and no one can surpass
Your brightness ‘s beauty.
The truth be told
You can not speak , see or hear !

IAM not sorry for you
That you have no legs , no arms
But not a pig , a big purpose
A king and queen ‘s place.

I must say IAM amazed !!!
The ruler of summer
Light of a blue sky
You are obvious to guess but hard to touch .

Easy to see but you don’t see
You shine at the right place
With no mistakes
Hey ! Hey ! Hey !

Because of you the is a day.