The fat black woman has disdain

for her own skin tone,

Because all her life she has been told that

her skin colour was unappealing.

At times she wishes she could rub her

blackness away.

Seeing as the world is not kind to people

of colour.

The fat black woman

Is repulsed by her body and its size.

The flab, double chin and walloping curves

are not considered the beauty standard.

Skinny amd slim thick are in

but corpulent has never been in vogue.

She stares at herself in the mirror

struggling to fit into her favourite jeans.

The fat black woman

no longer watches Tv because she is

misrepresented and stereotyped.

All she sees is mysogynoir.

Why do they have to depict her as the

fat, black, ugly woman who is unloved?


The fat black woman

keeps her hair like it is.

Her huge afro is frowned upon especially

at those saloons.

“It’s really hard to manage and style, why

don’t you straighten it?”

Why would she do that for?

She refuses to conform.

The fat black woman

believes at her age she will never find love.

Men love and want young women.

Youth is currency these days.

The younger, the better.

But nothing can be better than self- love.

She figures she will start there in order

to find the other love.