Won’t you caution me
I’m making a mistake,
Will you let me be
Even if I’m being deceived.

Can’t you hold my hand
I’m getting lost,
Can you please guide my mind
Through this frost.

Cocoon this heart,
Cover it with the palm
Of your tremendous hand,
Filled with balm.

What if I fall
And never rise,
Will you call
My name in hope.

I think it’s real
Isn’t that love,
But what I feel
Tells me it’s a lie.

Tell me how long
Will I remain a fool,
Even if I’m strong
This is no longer cool.

Now I will weep uncontrollably
With these endless tears
Rolling down, probably
Under these careless cheeks.

Save my soul
I will plead
For this bad reaping
Of this seed.

Please guide me
Save me now,
I am tearing apart
Like this weak bow.