Free me
from my thoughts,
the constant demons
that remind me of her bloody scent –
She left stains of her fragrance,
not even ignorance
can wash off -:

As I rush off
to a room where she left
her innocence behind;
took her troubled mind
to a world that is so unkind
to the fainthearted –
She was good hearted
until she fell in love with scenes
that encouraged gender inequality;
I blame it all on television;
I wish I could tell -a -virgin
to take pride in herself;
Grab a book from the shelf
and feed her brains
instead of her desires,
I’ve seen lust curse away
a daughter from her mom’s sight
to a burial site -:

From the Horizons
of the South,
from hand to mouth;
there are still miles
ahead of me –
As I walk barefooted,
heading into the future,
I’ve left a trail of blood stains
all over the ground -:
Don’t ever feel pity for me,
I chose my own fate
and so these garments of faith
will keep me warm
during every winter
season -: