They were Gents back then
about my teacher’s generation ago ,
with soil and roots watered ,
He has built our homes and shade with knowledge and experience lecture
With a smile so deep he has stirred desire
With a gentle voice yet husky ,he speaks with determination
He has brought happiness
Gents that thought ahead of their generation
Discovered books for us without a knowledge of it themselves
He has gone beyond the deepest peak of life
Just for us to prosper
Gents that stayed in prayer and never shed a tear
He has carried the cross ,
He has brought prosperity
He has built a foundation , an everlasting shade for us
Gents back then transformed to gents for the 21st century
He still brings smiles
good thoughts shines out of his face like sunbeams
He is my teacher ,
and will stay a mentor to us all
He is the steppingstone and building blocks of our divine foundation .