We call our ourselves The Apes,

Mind you, we’re no superheroes wearing capes,

However, our friendship is fruitful, perhaps like grapes,

Eventhough we met as just males

And now it’s definitely something to celebrate

Who knows maybe it’s just fate

Different bloods mixed on the same plate;

Not to make us sound sophisticated,

But together we’re undisputed,

Our friendship is one of the best ever created,

Indoda siyiphendula ijongosana elixegwa yidilosi,

Hhay ngoba sinani kodwa idlozi siyalazi

Masisonke hhay ngeke siyingozi

Usually we strike a pose

Ohh yes you may call us a prose

Together we are a very strong hype of doze

We are the brotherhood, We are The Apes, We are The One☝️