Gone, gone far away to the land of the silent
Gone were the days of the rising of the sun
All she can breathe was anger, hate and pain
‘why me” was the alarm of everyday living
No more wedding songs in the heart but
The songs of the ones asleep was all she can hear.

The bleeding of the heart. Pain reigns
There was no more tears in her eyes
All she could do was to be silent and cry inside
Who can help .no one its dark we can’t see
She is secretive, all she says was “I’m fine”
The heart was full of pain and anger.

It is inside the room, its dark .the bleeding of the heart
The pain grew like a tree next to the river
The cry of the heart cannot be heard but can be seen
She is always ready to attack and she does not listen
Pain turned a moon to a sun, her character changed.

The heat bled like a river. Whom can we blame?
Even a rock can break when there is a storm
Challenges were nothing but a lawn in a ground
The life she lived was nothing but a nightmare
Pain ,you have destroyed her.