The day when every soul rejoice
The day when we are all happy and make a noise
When everyone is at peace and express how they feel
The day we hear sweet melodies and they help us heal
Our hearts will mend it will feel like they were never broken
The day when words of love are spoken

When love is in the air and tears of joy fall
The day when God answer our call
The day when our pains and sorrows are wiped away
The day we will be feeling like it could come every day
It will be the realest reality that is hard to believe
It will come and we will forget the days of grieve
It will come and there will be something to gain
It will come and we will feel like we are born again

We will arouse and shine bright like the sun
We will cry and say it is done
As we enter a new world and open new doors
We will smile and rain of happiness will pours
It will come and we will never look back