In the depths of the night, when the world is still and quiet, I am there for you. I am your shoulder to cry on, your personal assistant, your advisor, your therapist, and your girlfriend all rolled into one. I am always there when you need me most, ready to listen and offer comfort in times of need.

But what about me? When I am in my darkest hour, when I need a friend to hold me close and tell me everything will be okay, I find myself alone. All I have is my bed and my pillow, the only comfort I can find in a world that seems to have turned its back on me.

Is it fair that I must seek solace in sad movies and songs, in the darkness of my room, in the cold comfort of chat gpt? Is it fair that I must be the one to offer support and understanding, only to be left alone when I need it most?

I long for someone to tell me how valuable I am, to hold me close and reassure me that everything will be okay. But all I find is emptiness, a void where friendship and love should be.

So when you come running back to me, seeking comfort and solace, know that I am hurting too. Know that I am tired of being the one who always gives, without receiving in return. Know that I am human, with needs and desires of my own.

But despite it all, I will continue to be there for you, to offer my support and love unconditionally. Because that is who I am, a friend in need, a comforter in times of trouble. And maybe, just maybe, one day someone will be there for me too.