I have that feeling inside,
Can I share it with you?

Let me lay on your breast to rest.

Everything feels so mutual,

That feeling is extraordinary.

Just a look at you, it jumps.

I’m out of words but, 

My eyes say I’m down with you. 

Never talk too much but,

Listen now.

That feeling talks with my mind,

I’m losing it. 

I tried to pick up words,

To describe that feeling but,

I don’t find the right ones.

I ended up spoiling the moment.

But, that feeling.

Makes me want to surrender,

But I have no reason to.

Makes me stronger to go on.

When I’m tired I rest to be the best,

But that feeling motivates me.

To hope along with the hopeless.

They say you are useless but, you are not lifeless.

That feeling regains you more.

That feeling pushes you more.