It’s okay to feel drained,

It’s normal to feel angry and bitter, and emotionally downcast.

It’s also normal to hold in the pain and the bitterness for so long till the moment it starts to leave your soul,

You just allow it to flow through your tears.

But there’s something seriously wrong the moment thoughts of death creep into your mind.

It’s no longer normal once suicide finds its way and dines with your thoughts.

You have to think before you act upon that idea,


Is it worth it?

Will you gain anything from it?

Will that erase the fact that you went through those terrible moments?

Will you get another chance at life after you’ve killed yourself?

Yeah, it’s true that it will put a stop to all the pain after that,

And it will also take away those awful nights you cried yourself to sleep.

All the pains that keep striking your heart will be gone.

People are going to cry their eyes out,

Friends are going to tell tales of all the fun you guys had together,

Lovers are going to express feelings of endearment for you,

The family will beat themselves in grief and mourn you.

But you know what?

After a while, the world is going to move on,

People will still tell your stories but move on with their lives.

They’ll continuously say that you live in their hearts,

But in reality, you’ll be six feet beneath their feet.

After some years, everyone will forget about you.

You will only be remembered by family members and close friends,

But the rest of the world will forget you because that’s how it works.

You will lay in your grave, where maggots and insects will feed on your flesh.

All your dreams and goals will lie in that grave with you.

Your hopes, your ethics and everything you’ve lived for will rot along with your bones and stay down there forever,

There’s nothing you will achieve, nothing you will gain,

“SUICIDE” is not an option.