It was fun going out late

Having fun with my old friends

They called them self


Joining them in crazy things

Which I thought it’s was just fun

I wanted more and more

But couldn’t see

What I was doing to myself

Opened my mind

To these crazy things

But closed my heartπŸ’”

To these I love

I forgot about the people

Who cared for me the most

But God had someone for me

It was my best friend Angel

Angel believed in me

That I could change

She always had my back

She told me it’s wasn’t to late

To be who I was

As time went by

She was there when I needed her

I became better and more healthy

All because of her

We were 2 best friends

Somehow Angel joined AbaseMigalo

I couldn’t believe it

I tried stoping her

But she never listened

She wanted me back in it

But I didn’t listen to

The next day

Going back to Migalo

To look for Angel

I saw Angel

She was cold so cold

Nobody was there to help

She apologized to me

I told her she’s going to be okay

I had nothing to do

I wanted to help her

I really wanted to

But it was to late

I lost her in my arms

I tried all I can

But it was to late

I lost my best friend

I’m so sorry Angel

I’m so sorry

(Angel were ever you might be in world, I wanted you to no that I love you. And I hope you’ll never forget our friendship because we are Best Friends Ever.)Please save your friend,because I couldn’t save mine