Dear crush I wrote this this poem to express my feelings
I would like you to be mine
You don’t understand how badly I want you
I want to do good things with you
What if I love you?
What if I love you?
Am dangerously in love with you
I admired you from a distance
You heart is too kind to be broken down into thousand pieces
Will I ever see you soon?

Your skin is exuberant like the streams of Pennsylvania
May your hips tell the greatest tales
You were so mince and sweltering
Crushing on you is irresistible
I hope you feel the same way about me
Your actions represent your inner strength
We both know that we cannot control love
I can’t wait to feel your touch.

I wish I could be able to meet you
My face shedding tears
Bottles are filled with my tears
Your name is written in my diary
There is something about you
Will I ever see you again?
Will this feeling ever go away?