I’m a mess, I feel useless and I’m depressed.
I can’t fall on love no more I’m stressed.
Where do broken heart go?
I traveled fourth possible directions, I can’t find right path.
Where did I go wrong, I don’t know.
I feel like a useless breath on this earth.
I’ve been living too much in sorrow, God please shorten my length.
I don’t want to live no more.
As much as I grow I get hurt some more,
Somebody help me!
My heart is bleeding I’m tired.
To find love I tried.
About happiness and free spirit I lied.
My spirit is trapped in a cage,
Every time I turn it’s the same page.
In every relationship in I feel like a black sheep.
Maybe I’m an alien but I lost my spaceship.
I feel like a blind man without walking stick.
Surely the cloud above me is dark.
I really don’t know what’s wrong with me,
Somebody help me!
As much as I grow old my heart turn cold.
I don’t know how much more when I turn bold.
Maybe I’ll be grown man giving much to people’s kids,
Sitting deep in thoughts wishing that I had grandkids.
I don’t want to die like that
Because nobody man want to die like that.
I want to tell fairy tales too
Narrate them like they are true.
So my grandkids can learn real life from made up lies.
I want to see my son in graduation gown when I close my eyes.
I want someone to remember me 
Somebody help me!