Smile come from a happiness we feel

It’s present the joy inside

That exult come from a feeling we feel

That feeling also comes from love

Smile is a presentation of love…

Because while you smile at something

Deep down something beautiful is created

It’s a picture of a wonderful moments

You are having

No one can see it but only a smile

Can tell the story of what is what’s happening

inside you

When you smile you have a question in your mind

But only find out that you run out of Questions and answers

Because you are over joy

This talks about something beautiful is

Thrown at you as a surprise but you become


That where the smile takes over

You may run out of words because you

Are over joy but remember

Your smile will be there in your face

Telling a story about what you feel inside

Because what you feel comes from happiness

Happiness come from a feelings and…

Feelings come from love and that love is

What you can’t show but a smile can tell a story of the love you have .

We can’t see love

We can’t touch it

But sometimes a very good smile

Sometimes represent love

Because when you smile something deep

Inside loving and smile is there to show it