I don’t know much but
I only saw her eyes
Looking at mine helplessly
Begging for help
Begging for me to stop
I never stopped instead I killed her

She died for no reason
She died for being a woman
That she is.
She died crying, fighting
But I never listened

why do men
Do such cruel things to women
What has happened to our nation
What is it so much that is worth of
Killing an innocent woman
Raping her again and again

Doesn’t her tears mean something
To you?
Do you enjoy watching her bleeding and crying endlessly, helplessly
Ripping her heart and body endlessly
God if that what means of being
A woman than what does it mean being a man, boy a child

I guess we’ll never know
I guess I’ll never know
Cause I don’t know what it means to being a woman in this century
Maybe if it was the golden days
I guess I would have known
She died for no reason