Autumn, summer,winter and spring

We summon estacy memories

Bring presents and peace

Put us in the middle of your heart

Give us your precious pearls

Spend one last time with us

Kiss our foreheads with passion

Lend us your beautiful elf

Let not be any conflicts

Let’s enjoy one’s company

Let’s accompany one another

Let’s lift each other to the stars

Let’s race to the moonlight with banters

Don’t lose touch of my love

Let’s make it an everlasting one

Let harmony rein within our hearts

Let’s unite, be one big loving creature

Full of energy, hope, faith and enthusiasm

Let’s build our future together, grow together

Let’s make the relation last till infinity

Hey , I’m keen to see you everytime

To see the light shine through your lifetime

To hear your sweet sound all over the house

We will make a perfect fit in a treehouse

Again let’s enjoy this aroma in our house