I am alone in this time of grief

Sitting in despair

My heart filled with sorrowful news

Nobody here seems to care

My heart is broken to the core

My life is so empty and meaningless

My only hope has vanished unexpectedly

Why is always my dreams shattered in short notice?

I feel tampered

Why this long journey of future?

I am failing to bear this pain in my heart

It is not easy to explain and convince

I am broken in my heart

Also in my soul

I cannot find myself and why?

Why am I failing to sustain?

Or do I have to observe?

How about to entertain?

These tears in my eyes

They never seem to dry

Every time I blink an eye

My face will be full of tears

I am filled with sadness

I cannot deny it

There is no soul can also deny

Why do I have to feel so lonely?

Or better days are coming sooner?

To change my life into a booster?

Or maybe I am a monster?

Better days are to come no matter what situation!