Your smile filled my empty house.

Your visits brought colour to my dark life.

Not knowing where you came from did not bother me.

Even though you were not perfect but my heart found peace in your face.

Even though you think not everyone was not the one.

I was always there for you supporting everything you wanted.

I could not heal the wounds of the heart.

But I was your friend. 

You accepted my proposal without any problems. 

How could you do it for six months?

By pulling away the last minute before the wedding. 

You took me like a fool and drop me like a hot potato. 

If you could tell me a little lie, will have agreed. 

How do you say you love me without any actions.

Being a bachelor was worst than being lied to.

Loving me was a fantasy for you.

While for me it was real.

Although I could amend you hurt heart. 

You left mine bleeding on the floor. 

Being friends with you was enough but you said the feelings you had could have exploded if you had to hide them.

Now I am miserable alone confused whether to start drinking or commit suicide? 

I am racing in thoughts feeling hopeless?

Don’t know which direction to take.

Guest I arriving for a no show wedding.

It’s true when they say if you want to get killed fall in love and you will surely die.

I died the minute you call it off.