I thought I was high in love
But I was digging my grave
I was applying for my heartbreak
My thoughts turned into a nightmare
Too bad my dreams disappeared
But why did I even trust you
Your love was not my size
But I forced it to fit me
Too bad it was expensive
But I kept purchasing
You are more than a heartbreaker
I tried to inspire you
But I ended up getting expired
Yes I was just the other one
But on speed dial I am the first one
Don’t worry
It’s too late

We are already digging out heartbreak
We are like tea and salt
We mix but no sweet comes from us
We tried to fix things
But ended up replacing each other
They tried fixing things for us
But it was more like they were deeming our light
Clearly indeed crocodile strength is in the water
Your love came more when I offered you lavish things
We were never meant to be
Now the tables have turned
Even my name is forgotten
But it has been said and uttered not once but twice
It’s crystal clear that we can never be a thing again
We both know better

I gave up on people
Not because I don’t care
But because they don’t care
No one even noticed my absence
My truth hurts a while
But my lies hurt for a lifetime
I cried for people
But they never cried for me
I just feel crippled
Maybe something just broke
Yes it is my road
They can walk with me
But they will never walk it for me
Yes Behind my fake smile
Lies a lonely heart
That’s why I pretend
Because they can’t kill me
But after all I am an icon

They day I will stop loving you
It is when the earth stands still
Because my love for you has no limits
Our love is like ghost
Everyone talks about it
But few have seen it
I love you with every beat of my heart
My love for you stretches my heart
And make me big from inside
I love you every step of the way
Our love is like air
We can’t see it
But we can feel it
I can fake a smile
But trust me I can’t fake my feelings
Our love stories never have endings
For love is heaven
Heaven is love

I looked at you
I saw the rest of my life in front of my eyes
You are the girl of my dreams
All my poems are about you
Life is so hard
But you make it easier
In our love there’s no mountain to climb
No river too wide to cross
Most of all it doesn’t end
I won’t give up on you
Because great things takes time
Loving you is a mistake
I would gladly repeat
You can never bore me
I will always be amazed by you
Love at first sight

They raised me with love .
They did even care about who I am .
To them I was a star
But I was not theirs .
They praised me .
They rejoiced because I was their only one
But I wasn’t from their land .
They actually did their part but was it their?
I have travelled a lot
But I have never met people with such a heart .
I wish I was their child
But at least they raised me like they are my parents

I choose well .
The first I saw you.
I knew you were for me .
They say have beauty with brains
But you have unending beauty .
With intelligent brain .
They say you are not good for me
But you are not clothes so I cant fit you and see how you look on me .
I say let them talk .
They say I cant afford you
But you are not on sale .
You are my smile maker .
You are my ride or die .
That first look on your face .
I saw a lifetime partner .
Your voice is my everyday sound .
I see my destiny tied with you .
I thank your parents for making such an angel .
I can be with anyone
But my eyes are for you .
I fear losing you .
I want to be with you with no apology .
You mean a world .
I don’t care how hard it will be .
I know that its real .
I just want to be happy with you .
I know you love me .
I love you too .