Remember when we thought that adulting means buying our own stuff, traveling with our friends, and going after our dream life?

But, little did we know, it also means doing tons of workloads, carrying too much emotional baggage, and owning big household responsibilities.

Some days, it means spending hours looking at the ceiling and figuring out what’s next.

Sometimes, it means having no sleep because a 24-hour day is not enough to do everything you need to finish. 

Other times, it means sleeping with a broken heart, heavy shoulders, and a bottle of beer.

Adulting also means growing apart from your friends with who you promised to stay close together until you all have your own families.

It can also mean being tired even by doing nothing, dealing with grown-up insecurities, and punishing yourself because you do not feel good enough.

But, in the end, I hope that it could help you find your way in forgiving your shortcomings, building your pieces back together, and trying all over again—because it is the kindest thing you could ever do to yourself in your cruel 20s.