The only person I can recognise in this darkness is myself

I can hear voices from left to right but whoever is whispering doesn’t want to be seen

Those laughing don’t know how it feels

I once said I’ll never be here but look at me it all started as a game and end up shifting the blame

I thought I was the man living in a fast lane

I was called beautiful names on top of my real name

I haven’t seen the sun for days

Now I feel like I’ve been living in thIs darkness for years

Nobody knows how it’s like to be in my world

I screamed for help with a sorrowful voice

Nobody heard me but when they whisper everybody laughed

It all started like love it was fun but it didn’t last

Memories drown me in tears, it feels like there is no pain bigger than this pain

Each day it gets darker and darker

I can’t even recognise myself, I lost so much in this darkness including those who claimed to care

I hope the sun will shine again so that everything can be clear