They say I belong in the kitchen,

Bound to always be regarded lowly,

But listen ,

I’ve got faminism in my brain ,

Might coursing through my vains !

Listen !

It’s no longer the time ,

Whereby we were undermined ,

Taken to be inferior,

For our roles were already planned for us !

It’s a time whereby we are all equal ,

Allowed to become what we want to become.

So women ,

Stand up and rise ,

Form a nation of warriors ,

Make wise decision,

To lead our world to a land of Milk and honey.

Yes ,

We all have potential,

Sorrows kept confidential,

But that’s what makes us strong,

That’s what makes us different.

‘Wa thinta abafazi , wa thinta imbokodo ‘

We all have power ,

To carry future leaders ,

Or to destroy future leaders .

Women hear my message,

And take it as a passage ,

To a world which has no boundaries.

Beauty is found in all of us ,

Might courses through our vains,

Making us able to break the chains .

Our hands hide potential,

So stop crying and weeping,

And start rising .

I call out to all Females ,

Of all ages ,

And urge them to heed my message .

Young as may be ,

I still say ,

Teenage pregnancy at its peek,

Death always near ,

Drugs abused ,

Bullying everywhere!

Oh we are struggling to see our faminism ,

What makes us female .

Our future is shattering,

And it’s up to us ,

To take a stand ,

Notice our potential,

And forever more unite .

We’ve got power ,

Waiting to be unlocked !

Let’s stand ,

Taller than ever ,

To break curse chains,

And build the greatest legacy ,

For future females .

Feminism does not have to overpower masculinity