What is this?
I call it a friend who feels my pain
I know how to express myself without trying to impress
What is this? I call it my home when tears drown me like a deep ocean
It gives me hope and helps to ease the pain
This is like a dirty mirror, you can see someone that looks like you through it but that doesn’t mean t’s you
This is more than what you can see deeper than what you can feel
This is a true story hidden in words
A messed up life that looks like a piece of art
What is this? look at my life and tell me what do you see before you ask again
When no one doesn’t want to give me an ear I just talk to myself
You might think I’m a lunatic I know, what do you know?
I’m my own companion, the only companion who understands my pains
What you see is more than what you know and what you know is less than how I feel
My silence tells a sad story that you can’t even hear, just like a cloud that appears before the rain
Soon I’ll fade into the sky, all I said will be put to the past and you couldn’t even ask
Confused? I can tell this is more than just a paper, the ink flows with pains
Are you still going to ask what this is?because this is my life
A naked truth amongst all the decorated lies, it is more than just a mind.
This is me.