Perfect eyes,

Sparkling, the glow in my void.

Lips sealed with pleasurable moments,

Craving for a kiss,

I long for that touch.

Perfection still stretches,

As the sheets lay peacefully,

On curves so silky,

An add of a diagram (your body).


The night stand eavesdrop,

As you whisper temptations,

Beyond my control they add multiple reactions,

Retaliation of a stolen neck caress.

All bodies warmed up,

Breath runs out,

Only gasps of air in play.

Cuddling on a precise measure,

As heart-beats get in sync.


Wrapped around my arms,

Stories of tomorrow roams freely,

Promises I make,

Shall conquer all negativity.

Only a kiss to the forehead shall bring trust,

Ether of our universe,

Diaries of our endless dreams.

As tonight ends at midnight,

Our pillow talk shall bring glory in the morning.