the universe isn’t
in need of me anymore –
Perhaps it is time
I hang up this pen
on these naked walls
clothed by my poems –
I’ve ran out of words
to paint you a picture
of how damaged I am
inside –
I had to put my pride aside
and let my eyes cry me a river
so I could wash off the stains
of this broken heart -:
Why couldn’t you just fool me
into believing that
the child was mine?
I know it sounds insane
but what I didn’t know
couldn’t have killed me,
And don’t you dare
give me a speech
about the truth finding light;
Even if were to,
surely you would have
been long dead by then –
I mean,
that is the new normality
nowadays, isn’t it ?
I hate the fact
that you told me the truth
more than the fact
that I love you still –
I mean,
I still think about you
while you think about the child
and where his next meal
is going to come from –
Don’t you dare
blame the government;
I’m not in the right state
neither does does my mental state
allow me to vouch for the State -:
but don’t you dare
put the blame on the State -:
Did you have to be that stupid?
I thought you were smart,
but that’s the problem with me,
I always mistake people
for what they are not;
Oh Well -: