You make our hearts leak, but we pretend to be neat
When you arrive we become weak
We salute your confidence
We respect your dominance
We try to stay strong, but we don’t have the allowance
You have burnt our hearts like coals
You have hurt many souls
You’re not different from a club with Messi
You have no mercy
We are always feeling your harm
You are so heartless
You are so fearless
You are always taking over
In many ways you are sober
You don’t ask, you just attack
You enter our hearts and start scratching
Our hearts are cracking, but we are bragging
You don’t look back when you know what we lack
You are too hot like fire
You’re a liar
We have seen your deeds anywhere
We are crying about you everywhere
You don’t choose where to hurt
You always go rough
This is tough and it’s enough